Coffee Shops

It’s important for restaurants of all varieties to be able to provide fast and friendly service to their customers.

However, coffee shops have a particularly important reason to make quick service a priority. Some customers love coming in for a leisurely cup of coffee, but many others are making a fast stop before work. They need to get their order quickly, and any hassles or hold ups stand to make a negative impact on their overall day.

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Coffee Shops

Focus POS helps coffee shop owners, managers, and workers stay on top of things. With an organized POS system, your workers will easily be able to take orders and process payments without any unnecessary delays. With the intuitive touchscreen system, which is set up for conversational ordering, employees can cover taking the order, preparing the order, and then processing the payment for the order in one streamlined process.

Create the Beverages Your Guests Want

Your Focus POS system can be set up to include many drink options and combinations, ensuring that your baristas can always provide each customer with the order they want. The simple ordering screen reduces human error. When more of your guests leave with the correct order, your coffee shop will improve its reputation over time. Every guest counts, which is why a Focus POS system is such a smart investment for a business order.

Make Ordering Easier

Staying on top of your inventory and supply needs is a huge responsibility for managers and owners. If you run out of something important, it won’t be pleasing to your guests. Focus POS helps you stay organized and keep track of everything with great features like real-time inventory management and simple purchase orders.

Keep an Eye on Employee Performance

Focus POS allows you to pour over employee records to see who is doing a good job and who could be working harder. Your business is only as good as your staff, so being able to see who is clocking in late or calling in sick too regularly can be quite beneficial. With the Focus POS system, all the data you need to make important decisions regarding your staff will be right there in front of you. Rather than letting one bad employee ruin things for everyone, you can deal with the problem head on and ensure that your staff is providing every guest with the utmost in quality.

See What’s Working and What Isn’t

It can be difficult to tell what the public will be pleased with in advance. Maybe you thought those new blueberry muffins would be a hit, but customers aren’t enticed enough to make regular purchases. With Focus POS, you won’t have to waste time figuring out what works and what doesn’t. The system generates detailed reports on sales, profitability, and more. When a menu item isn’t working, you’ll be able to clearly tell, and you can adjust accordingly.

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