Fast Casual Restaurants

Fast-casual restaurants are designed to provide customers with quality food at a quick and efficient pace.

Whether your customers are inside your establishment or in the drive-thru, having to wait in a long queue before they can order their meal is going to affect the way they see your business. A good fast-casual restaurant is known for both delicious food and fast service, which is why a Focus POS system is such a smart investment for your business.

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Fast Casual Restaurants

Focus POS features conversational ordering, which allows your employees to enter orders into the system in a similar manner as the customer describes. In other words, rather than taking your staff member through the possible menu items in a certain order, they can instead enter the items in whatever order the customer requests them. This reduces the need for the customer to have to repeat themselves multiple times while taking the order, and it also cuts down on employee errors that occur when the employee forgets something the customer mentioned earlier.

Inventory Insights in Real Time

Focus POS can help you stay on top of the inventory items your restaurant is using on a daily or even hourly basis. With real-time monitoring, you can check on your situation anytime you need to. From deciding on portion sizes to keeping track of your supply of fresh ingredients, you can easily stay organized with your Focus POS system. This allows you to reduce waste, increase efficiency, and think ahead by researching supplier options and looking into other factors before it’s time to place your next big supply order.

An Improved Customer Experience

Your Focus POS system with conversational ordering will increase the speed and efficiency in which your employees can serve your customers. As your restaurant increases its reputation for excellent service, you’ll attract more customers and keep your existing customers coming back for more.

Customizable Software

Although our Focus POS hospitality package comes with typical components, you can always customize your software to make it better for your business. Our POS builder allows you to add on various system components, including additional monitors, kitchen display systems, and barcode scanners.

Simple Purchase Orders

Checking inventory and making purchase orders are a big responsibility for a restaurant manager. With Focus POS, the process is much simpler. Clearly being able to track your inventory and choose items for ordering and reordering will ensure your restaurant never runs out of any of the essentials that are necessary for providing quality service to your guests.

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Whether you’re a retail store, a restaurant, or any other business that processes debit and credit cards, your new Focus POS system can help you go even further.

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