Frozen Yogurt Shops

Focus POS is an advanced system designed specifically with fro-yo businesses in mind.

If you run a restaurant that serves frozen yogurt, you need a dependable POS system to help your staff stay organized and provide every guest with the sweet treat they desire.

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Frozen Yogurt Shops

Along with these basics, you can also customize your system and purchase an additional support plan that will make menu adjustments a breeze.

If your yogurt shop sells by weight, then the Focus POS Interface Scale makes it easy to weight out orders and provide customers with accurate pricing.

Keep Track of Inventory

Managing inventory is always crucial for a business, but when you sell frozen yogurt and ice cream, it’s particularly important. Your shop offers a wide range of toppings to your guests, and it’s wise to stay on top of portion control. You can’t have one staff member spooning out a huge amount of sprinkles and another providing only a small amount. With Focus POS, you can not only keep an eye on which toppings are in demand and which are less appealing to your customers, but you can also see how fast your supplies are going down in relation to your sales. That will help you figure out an appropriate topping portion for each order.

Trust in a Quality Support Team

Our company is careful to only hire qualified team members who can provide excellent service to every client. All our technicians and installation specialists complete rigorous background checks and testing. Choosing Focus POS for your yogurt business means that a knowledgeable and dedicated support team will be there to assist you whenever needed. You can choose between three tiers of support, helping you balance cost and benefits.

Maintain Standards for Staff

You expect your employees to meet a certain standard, but with so much to focus on, it can be difficult for your managers to keep an eye on everyone all the time. Focus POS allows owners and managers to scrutinize employee performance, checking on who is arriving late, missing days, or generally not maintaining a standard of excellence. When you can clearly see how individual employees are impacting your business, it will be easier to maintain a strong and dedicated team.

Experience Less Errors and Waste

Your Focus POS system will reduce human error and help new employees quickly gain a solid grasp of your menu items. There’s no more risking getting an order wrong due to miscommunication or an out-of-date POS system that’s difficult to use. When you reduce employee mistakes, you'll provide a better experience for your customers, and you’ll also reduce waste, increasing your profits with every customer you serve.

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