Our Core Values

Alpha is dependent on our loyal client base. When our customers succeed, Alpha does too. We operate on a customer-first basis to adapt and ensure that every piece of technology works to serve our partners in the best possible way.

Customer-First Mentality

At Alpha, every position is a leadership position. When our staff works hard, our company thrives. All employees strive to innovate in their roles, ensuring a unique and satisfactory experience on all projects.

Every Employee is a Leader

The hospitality industry is constantly evolving, and our technology is too. Alpha embraces change because it enables us to grow stronger as a partner to restaurants. By staying ahead of the curve, we’re able to offer the most valuable products and services on the market.

Reward Growth and Innovation

There’s nothing like the restaurant industry; it’s fast-paced, it’s competitive, and it’s rewarding. We stay in close touch with industry trends so we can best help our partners succeed.

Stay Industry Focused

Any downtime on your system means less revenue for your restaurant. Alpha puts customer service and response times first, ensuring exceptional reliability and greater guest satisfaction for your restaurant.

Customer Service is our Priority

We strive for perfection, but we recognize mistakes can happen. We see moments of failure as opportunities to reflect, learn, and improve. When Alpha faces a challenge, we’re quick to adapt and overcome,

Never Stop Learning

Though we draw inspiration from others in the industry, we strive to be different. We’re not a typical POS company; we offer unique and personalized solutions for a hassle-free customer experience.

Be Unique

Focus POS provides business owners with advanced auditing tools that can help them stay on top of the activities that are occurring when they aren’t around. Your Focus POS reports will help you see whether your supplies are going down faster than they should or whether your cash drawers are coming up short at the end of the day.

Prevention of Theft and Other Losses