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What Is Customer Service Excellence?

Customer service excellence has become an increasingly important aspect of running a successful restaurant. If you’re looking to keep your business ahead of the curve,

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Fire Bar & Grill

Before the pandemic lockdown, business at Fire Bar and Grill was 80% on-site liquor sales and 20% food choices. As customers could no longer dine in, food sales became 95% of their business.


Taco Vida

After moving to the U.S. as a teenager and working his way up the ranks of the restaurant industry, Freddy Sanchez teamed up with Susan Munic to open Taco Vida. But he didn’t want Taco Vida to be like every other restaurant; worrying too much about turning tables and making enough money to keep the lights on. With the help of Alpha Freddy and Susan opened a uniquely “chef-driven” taqueria.


Dairy Queen

The last time you stood in line at your favorite ice cream shop, marveling at the sight of that delectable frozen treat being flipped upside down, defying gravity and triggering every last taste-bud in your mouth, you were probably benefitting from Alpha’s services without even knowing it.