4 Strategies to Get Your Customers Coming Back


As a restaurant owner, your customers are the heart of your business. Fostering a strong relationship with them is one of the best strategies to improve your menu, staff, and overall business.

Here are 4 Strategies to Get Your Customers Coming Back:


Give Them Free Food or Discounts on their Birthdays and Anniversaries

Birthdays are an excellent opportunity to show your customers some love. Send them a special birthday message, or offer them a freebie on their birthday.

Customer appreciation days are another way for a restaurant owner to show their customers how much you appreciate them. Offer discounts or freebies on these days, and make sure to let your followers know about it.

Engage With Customers in Person- a Universal Customer Database Feature Might Help

Make sure to engage with your customers in person as well. Get to know them, and let them get to know you. You can achieve this by collecting their contact information and adding it to a universal customer database.

Ensure you have a system in place for taking feedback—both good and bad. Thank customers for positive feedback, and work to correct any negative experiences they may have had.

Offer Incentives for Reviews

If you’re looking for an extra boost in restaurant entrepreneurship, consider offering incentives for reviews on social media or third-party review sites. This could be anything from a free appetizer to a discount on their next visit.

Encourage Customers to Share Their Experiences with Friends

When customers have a great experience at your restaurant, encourage them to share it with their friends. You can do this by providing social media buttons on your website and in-restaurant signage.

Or even send a quick email blast thanking them for their visit and providing a link to your social media profiles.

Wrap Up

Building a solid relationship with your customers is key to running a successful restaurant. Use the tips in this article to encourage customers to share their experiences with their friends, and you’ll be on your way to creating some influential brand ambassadors. Looking for a way to keep track of your customers? Consider investing in a point of sale system. Alpha provides solutions for customers to increase efficiency.



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