How Restaurants Can Use Technology to Thrive


Crisis can open possibilities. The Covid-19 pandemic created many challenges, that have now become opportunities in our new reality.

The restaurant industry, by necessity, learned to adapt and move forward. The introduction of new technology was a key ingredient for success. If you haven’t already adapted, here are three easy-to-implement technology-based solutions you can use in your restaurant to increase customer satisfaction and your own profitably.


1. On-line Ordering and Delivery

As restaurants continue to deal with regulations and restrictions imposed by the pandemic, online food orders and contactless delivery have become the norm. This service is here to stay as diners are now accustomed to getting the food they want when, where, and how they want it.

Alpha’s Focus POS solution is the perfect tool for online ordering and delivery. It offers seamless integration, where orders are sent directly to the order queue and are expedited in a quick and efficient way. Thanks to an intuitive interface, customers can choose a variety of meals from a central online ordering site, and easily enter delivery and payment information. 

2. Online Table Reservation System and Waitlisting

Booking a table via a phone call is becoming a thing of the past. Customers want the flexibility to make their own booking on the go, and online table reservation technology has taken on added importance. In addition, technology-enabled reservation systems allow restaurants to better manage seating, waitlists, customer loyalty and dining preferences. Alpha’s Waitlist option helps customers feel welcome even during busy hours, knowing their presence is acknowledged and that they are online for seating.  

3. Hand-held Devices for No-Contact Ordering and Payment

Contactless technology has become the norm in many restaurants during the pandemic, as more hygienic and safer options are required. Alpha POS devices present creative ways to protect guests and staff by offering a mobile, handheld pay-anywhere solution that reduces person-to-person contact. The customer experience is also enhanced when you can offer a smartphone- readable QR code, thus delivering a quick and reliable way to order and pay at the table. All win-win solutions for our current reality. 

One final thought — as you navigate the post-pandemic world, your online presence is another key element of success. A very simple way to be noticed is to make sure your restaurant appears in “near me” searches. In fact, “restaurants near me” is the most popular type of “near me” search query, by far. There are roughly 6.2 million organic searches for this phrase every month. Making sure your website is ready for these searches can help you realize your restaurant’s fullest potential!

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