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Taco Vida

Using a familiar set of tools to start a brand new business. Taco Vida is a Chef-Driven Taqueria, located in the northern suburb of Deerfield. This restaurant turned one a little over a year ago, a true benchmark for a new restaurant. Freddy Sanchez and Susan Munic opened this restaurant together after many years collectively spent in the restaurant industry.

Freddy has a wonderful background story, moving to the US as a teenager and working his way up the ranks of the restaurant industry, eventually being named Corporate Chef of Adobo Grill. Freddy later ran and grew yet another restaurant, meeting Susan along the way. She took some time off due to a battle with cancer, but she came back full force to open Taco Vida with Freddy.

As one can imagine, branching off and starting your own business can be equal parts exciting and daunting. Freddy and Susan knew they had a great thing going with Freddy’s skills in the kitchen. Add the culturally relevant décor theme using sugar skulls and you have a winning recipe.

When it came to the logistical features of the business, Freddy reports that is was a no-brainer to choose Alpha POS. When Freddy was in the process of running and growing the previous restaurant he worked with Truman’s father and predecessor, Ron. A wonderful working relationship and great trust were established, which has continued on since Truman stepped into that role at Alpha POS.

Freddy and Susan love many things about the Alpha POS systems. The system is self-sufficient, eliminating the need for a “main brain” separate computer, which is typical with many other systems. Freddy reports that the software is easy enough to use even for those who are not technologically inclined, which is a huge benefit in many scenarios. It is easy to train staff, unchallenging to create a variety of reports for managerial needs, and takes little effort to adjust things as needed.

Freddy said that there was recently an issue that he needed assistance with, noting that he himself is one of those people that may not be best described as “technologically inclined”. When the need arose for assistance, Truman was on the phone right away, able to resolve the issue remotely and quickly. Freddy feels very comfortable knowing that behind the brain of his business is the team at Alpha POS, ready to help whenever needed – which he also reports is pretty rare!

To complete this heartwarming tale of the American Dream, Freddy and Susan have designated the Leukemia Research foundation as their designated charity and plan to give back whenever possible through the success of Taco Vida. It looks as though they’ll be.

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