Table Service Restaurants

Restaurants that offer table service are expected to maintain a certain standard of quality.

People come to sit-down restaurants to escape their everyday lives, relax, and enjoy themselves, and when you can provide them with a flawless experience, they’ll surely come back for more. Thanks to Alpha, owners, managers, and employees in the table-service industry can upsell menu items to increase their average ticket size, increase table turnover, improve the customer experience, stay on top of inventory, and so much more.

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Table-Service Restaurants

When everything you need to manage a business is at your fingertips, you’re better able to stay on top of things. You’ll spend less time figuring things out, leaving you free to devote more time to providing excellent service and thinking up innovative approaches for your restaurant.

Efficient Technology

Decades ago, orders were handled using a notepad and a pen, but thanks to today’s best technologies, restaurant owners can have an efficient system that makes the process much faster. Your Focus POS system will help you increase the speed in which you take orders, providing customers with a quick and easy experience.Deploy ordering at the table with Windows, IOS, and Android solutions.

Organized Purchase Orders

Focus POS makes it easy to generate purchase orders whenever you need to load up on inventory items, bulk ingredients, packaging products, utensils, decorations, or anything else you might need for your restaurant. You can handle all your orders from one easy interface.

Real-time Insights

Being able to use the Focus POS system to monitor your inventory in real time is incredibly valuable. You’ll be able to stay on top of concerns about portion control for menu items, ensuring that all your team members are following similar standards for efficiency and waste reduction. You’ll be able to see which menu items are in demand and which are being passed over on a regular basis. Focus POS provides the insights you need to make smart choices with your inventory and menu.

Employee Performance

If your restaurant is on the larger side, it might be difficult to stay on top of employee performance on your own. You’re not always on location, and even if you are, you’re probably too busy to keep an eye on when everyone is clocking in and out. Focus POS lets you carefully examine the attendance records of your employees. You can see who has been clocking in late, staying too long, or missing too many shifts. This increased awareness will help you keep trustworthy and hardworking staff members you can count on.

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