Technology is revolutionizing things we use on a daily basis and the hospitality industry is no exception. From paying at the table in a restaurant to a robot concierge that will greet you and even give restaurant recommendations if desired, the hospitality industry is experiencing a boom in technology. How does this impact the industry and the people who are employed?

As with every other entity that technology touches, it’s critical for restaurants to keep up with what the newest and latest tech trends are. While some might be fleeting, others may offer your business a bigger slice of the monetary pie. Studies show that customers generally know they will pay a premium for food to be ordered online delivered, and still feature is growing at an exponential rate. Alpha POS offers online ordering integration, which allows the software of a particular restaurant to integrate directly with many of the leading online ordering services. This creates a seamless experience for the consumer and the restaurant owner alike. The data that can be tracked through this can be very valuable to management too, allowing one to see if a particular item is regularly ordered through these systems and supply orders need to be adjusted in order to meet the demand.

When you enter some quick-service restaurants, you may note that you can order directly from a tablet before interacting with a human. Introverts around the world are celebrating this trend, while those who prefer the human interaction can usually still find that even if tablet ordering is available. This feature for restaurants can help ease the lines customers would often face in a lunch rush, and many places will still have employees monitoring the systems to help if needed. Customers are often able to pay at these kiosks, again helping to ease congestion experienced at a lunch rush. Alpha’s systems make this concept a very user-friendly experience, which is key. It is also very management-friendly, as it is customized from scratch for each individual restaurant.

Everyone likes to feel valued and rewarded, right? Alpha offers a feature called myFocus Loyalty, which is all about providing this exact experience to customers of a particular restaurant. The system can work differently for each restaurant, whether it tallies social media points or integrates loyalty cards, the end result is customers receiving rewards for visiting your restaurant. This encourages them to visit your restaurant more often and truly does breed a sense of loyalty. This motivating system is easily facilitated by the myFocus Loyalty program, and as no surprise, can be fully customized to meet the need of your restaurant.

These are just a few examples of how technology is being incorporated into the modern restaurant experience. One thing is certain – technology isn’t going anywhere. It is best to have a system that is customized to your business’s needs with a reliable tech support team behind you. This is exactly what Alpha Point-of-Sale is known to provide to its valued customers.

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