Three Significant New Trends in the Restaurant Industry


Alpha POS can help you stay ahead of the curve.

As a restaurant owner right now, you might be asking yourself: What are some new trends going on in the food service industry today? What may I need to do to stay ahead of the curve?

With so much change happening in the industry over the last year or two, you must think about these trends and how you want your concept to handle them

1. New Trends in Menu Options: Different menu options that can support the changing needs of your customers.
These include:
Health-conscious offerings. Younger generations are willing to pay higher prices for healthy meals, as well as gluten- or dairy-free variants. If you try to meet these needs, be sure to advertise that you are making changes in your offerings to meet your customer demands for healthier food. Some other ways you can support this trend include:
1. Serving smaller portion sizes.
2. Using seasonal produce, and sourcing ingredients from all-natural farms.
3. Visibly marking your vegan, vegetarian or alternative options on the menu.
Smaller Menus. A shorter and focused menu gives your chefs the chance to build more proficiency with each menu item, which can ultimately improve both food quality and profitability. It allows for a streamlined inventory management, as well as reduced food waste.

To stay up to date, consider revitalizing your menu on an annual if not seasonal basis – even when there aren’t trend changes. Alpha makes every POS update easy and cost effective for you.

2. Stronger On-Line Presence.

More than ever, people are looking to the Internet to make decisions about where to go. What your diners do before they arrive can have a significant impact on your restaurant. Some 88% of customers make a reservation online, and almost as many expect to have access to a menu online as well. Create your strong online presence to make it convenient for hungry people to find you, book a reservation, get directions and review your menu. Your restaurant website is an investment that pays high dividends!

Alpha can make it simple and convenient to access your options online, and can help you easily integrate online ordering into your existing system.

3. Increased Delivery Options
The demand for creative delivery options is an important new trend. Customers are now used to having fine dining delivered to their living rooms. Pizza companies have long managed their delivery services independently, and the trend is now for other restaurants to do the same. Some restaurants are using third-party delivery companies to handle their orders, but in many cases this has proven too costly. The decision to create your own delivery system or to use a third-party service is an important consideration going forward, as customer demand for high-quality delivery options is not changing. Both carry-out and an efficient delivery system can have a positive impact on profitability and customer satisfaction.

Final Note:

Having your pulse on industry trends can help you take quick and decisive action for your restaurant, and help you to stand out from the competition around you.
Adding Alpha’s POS solution for your coffee shop, bakery, bar or table service restaurant is one way to do this – helping you to make easy menu changes, manage employees and inventory, and reduce costs. If the goal is maintaining quality, consistency and ensuring you are responding to customer needs, let Alpha help give you an edge that can be critical to your ongoing success!

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