Restaurant Handheld Order & Pay

Create a no-contact guest experience

Protect guests and staff by offering a mobile, handheld pay anywhere solution, specifically designed for the restaurant and hospitality industry, that reduces person to person contact.

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No-Contact POS Solutions

Enhance the customer experience by providing a quick, reliable order and pay at table option. By presenting your guest with a smartphone readable QR code, your guest can view their receipt and immediately add a tip and pay out their check on their own device.

The Features

Take orders on-the-fly

The order process is quick and efficient. Take orders and process transactions whenever and wherever you need.

Take payments anywhere

Leverage your mobile device to take payments even without a Wi-Fi connection. Also accepts all forms of contactless payments.

Ensure data security

With Point to Point Encrypted EMV-certified solution, you can process secure chip payments and keep customer data protected.

Capture customer feedback

Improve your customer experience and reduce the amount of poor online reviews. Prompt your customers to rate their visit, giving you invaluable feedback for improving your customer service.

Restaurants run on Alpha

Alpha customizes the powerful Focus POS Software to You

Whether you’re a retail store, a restaurant, or any other business that processes debit and credit cards, your new Focus POS system can help you go even further.

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