Vince Tian

Systems & Operation Coordinator

I am a seasoned professional with over ten years of experience in restaurant operations and more than three years in IT support at the University of Illinois Chicago. Running my own software consulting company for the past two years, I have honed my skills in both the technical and business aspects of the industry.

As a dedicated food enthusiast and accomplished chef and baker, I travel the globe to immerse myself in diverse culinary experiences, which deepens my understanding of the food service sector. This unique combination of culinary passion and technical expertise enables me to provide top-notch POS solutions tailored specifically for the food service industry.

I hold a B.S. in Computer Engineering from the University of Illinois Chicago and am fluent in both English and Mandarin, making me a versatile and effective partner for restaurant businesses seeking innovative POS solutions.

Get ready to supercharge your restaurant game with Alpha, the ultimate go-to for top-notch, gold-certified Focus POS software.

Whether you’re a cozy café owner or a boss of a national chain, we’ve got your back with the perfect solutions to make your restaurant run like clockwork. When every customer gets the royal treatment, your restaurant’s rep skyrockets! But wait, there’s more! Alpha doesn’t just leave you hanging with a fancy system; we’ve got your back with amazing support. We know that the restaurant biz is a whirlwind, so we’re ready to hold your
hand every step of the way.

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Table Service

Efficient Technology

Restaurant Owners can increase order speed with the Focus POS System, which provides an efficient and quick ordering experience. Table-side ordering is also available with Windows, IOS, and Android solutions.

Efficient Management of Purchase Orders

Focus POS provides an easy-to-use interface for generating purchase orders for restaurant inventory items, such as ingredients, packaging products, utensils, and decorations.

Real-Time Insights

The Focus POS System allows real-time inventory monitoring, helping with poison control, efficiency, waste reduction, and informed menu choices. It provides insights on popular and unpopular menu items, allowing for smart inventory and menu decisions.

Fast Casual

Customizable Software

The Focus POS hospitality package can be customized to suit your business needs with additional system components such as monitors, kitchen display systems, and barcode scanners.

An Improved Customer Experience

The Focus POS System with conversational ordering can enhance the speeding efficiency or your restaurant service, attracting and retaining more customers.

Instant Access to Valuable Insights

Focus POS provides real-time monitoring that helps restaurant owners keep track of inventory items, reduce waste, increase efficiency, and plan ahead for supplier options and other factors. It assists with portion control and monitoring the supply of fresh ingredients, allowing for easier organization and decision-making.


Legal Issues? Don't know them

As a bar or nightclub owner, it's crucial to prevent underage drinking. Focus POS can help by eliminating human error and ensuring that only those of legal age are served. By using a barcode scanner to check IDs, bartenders can avoid fines and legal issues related to serving minors.

Bartending Ease

Focus POS allows multiple bartenders to manage one tab, making it easier to handle large parties and events. The system can adjust for happy hour or other promotions, and bartenders can use it to look up drink recipes.

Hassle-Free For All

Focus POS enables bartenders to take orders, open and close tabs, and process payments quickly, providing guests with quality drinks without any hassle. Tabs can be opened or closed with a simple swipe of a credit card or by entering the customer's name into the system. The tabs are alphabetically organized for easy access and management.

Coffee Shops

Create the beverages your guests want

A Focus POS system can help coffee shops provide customized drink orders with reduced human error, leading to improved reputation and customer satisfaction.

Ordering ease

Focus POS provides real-time inventory management and simple purchase orders to help managers and owners stay organized and in top of their inventory and supply needs.

All eyes on employee performance

Focus POS offers employee records to identify top-performing and underperforming staff, enabling businesses to make informed decisions and proactively address issues like tardiness or absenteeism. This helps ensure high-quality customer service.

Pizza Delivery

Delivery management

Focus POS helps delivery orders by sorting orders by zone, allowing dispatchers to send drivers with multiple orders in the same area, increasing efficiency and reducing wait times for customers. This also reduces the likelihood of providing free food or discounts to unhappy customers due to cold deliveries.

Busy Days? A-OK

Using the Focus POS system to monitor inventory in real-time is valuable for portion control, efficiency, waste reduction, and identifying in-demand menu items. The system provides insights to make smart inventory and many choices.

An intuitive system

Focus POS is an intuitive system that streamlines ordering with conversational ordering and easy-to-use buttons for popular items. It provides clear and consistent training for new staff members and ensures efficient order processing to prevent guests from being on hold for too long.

Frozen Yogurt

Inventory Tracking

Inventory management is crucial for businesses, especially those that sell frozen yogurt and ice cream with a variety of toppings. Focus POS helps track which toppings are popular and which are not, and how supplies relate to sales. With this information, businesses can control portion sizes of toppings for each order

Maintain Standards for Staff

Focus POS helos owners and managers monitor employee performance in areas such as attendance and work quality. By providing insight into individual employee impact on the business, it enables the building of a strong and dedicated team.

Quality Support Team

Focus POs provides excellent service to clients with qualified team members who complete rigorous background checks and testing. The company otters a knowledgeable and dedicated support team for yogurt businesses with three tiers or support to balance cost and benefits.



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