Cloud / Remote Functionality, Demand And Popularity


Cloud / Remote Functionality, Demand And Popularity

The pandemic has brought forth a variety of shifts and transitions for businesses, especially restaurants. Limited capacities, outdoor dining options, the addition of carryout and delivery at many places to list a few. Some of these new practices may take hold and stick around for the long haul, others may go by the wayside. One thing that several of these changes have in common is the presence of a cloud-based point-of-sale system. Many communities have communal dining spaces, be it a blocked-off street or park, and the cloud-based systems may allow diners to view menus and order remotely, servers may be able to enter orders instantaneously and payment may be taken care of tableside. The cloud-based systems have also facilitated delivery and carryout options for many establishments, allowing for menus and services to be automatically uploaded and integrated with the current systems.

There is also a new appreciation for contactless payment options, which offers convenience in reduced transaction time and purported increased transaction security. This payment option also truly lends itself to a “contactless” payment scenario, when no credit card has to exchange hands and no PIN needs to be entered. Without a cloud-based system, these transactions aren’t possible.

Alpha POS utilizes the Focus POS hardware and software, which offers a wide variety of cloud-based systems and devices. The software is compatible with Android and iOS systems, allowing management and staff to work from any smart device, making life simpler! Everything that Alpha POS does is tailor-made specifically for that business, so you won’t get more or less than you need, you will get the setup that is just right for your business.

Restaurant owners often get into the business for the joy of seeing customers experience their specialty cuisine or libation, whatever that may be. Crunching the numbers, dealing with data and system management is a necessary part of the job. Cloud-based systems are a great way to streamline the things that need to be done so servers and management can focus on their customers, the reason they do what they do in the first place.

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